Stats: Weather, GLORIOUS SUNSHINE  ; distance 8.24 Km, Height gain 492m.

We had four Lugs out, myself Ken Keaveney, Hugh Sweeney, Norman Mc Lachian and John Cruise, unfortunately the Grand Master had family commitments and wasn’t able to join us on this walk and there was a slight mixup with Amer from Meetup and he missed this walk but he is due to join our next walk with other friends from Meetup.
This is a two car walk and was recommended by Rob Dixon who suggested that it would be a more substantial walk than some of our recent efforts, thanks Rob (in absentia).
We left Norman’s car at the walks end, the forest entrance (53.208849,-6.403020) literally 10 meters inside the Wicklow border, just north of Kilbride Army Camp.
At the walk start (parking area 53.191112,-6.410495), just up from Shankill River Bridge. We started to suit up for our walk when John spotted a crumpled up piece of paper on the road with which we are still flabbergasted. John proceeded to flatten out the parchment and dictate its contents which turned out to be a hand written page of blatant pornography which raised more questions than answers. Why would anyone write this, why was it thrown away, why did John pick it up and why did he read it out loud for us all to hear, Norman had to sit down with the shock, I think Hugh may have had more experience with this scenario due to his therapy counseling but it probably has been the most surreal start to a Lug walk since I started 2 years ago, and maybe back to the start of the Lugs, in 1903. (Only joking John, it was really quite funny ).
After this incident which brings to mind Haughey’s GUBU remark, we commenced our walk with a steep climb up Seefinn to the passage tomb (also known as ‘Suidh Fhionn’ or ‘The seat of Fionn’) which is really the highlight of this walk, this is a passage tomb which is between 5000 and 5300 years old which dates it as 400 to 700 years older than the Egyptian pyramids. It’s main passageway between its five chambers is perfectly aligned with Newgrange which shows an amazing mathematical knowledge and intelligence from our ancestors.
The Tomb was only excavated in 1931 and there is speculation that the tomb symbolizes a pregnant woman with the entrance being the birth canal but maybe that’s just google (or Johns scruffy letter) running away with itself .

We headed off for our next peak Seefingan (and another megalithic tomb), the valley between these two peaks was still quite wet and required a bit of careful navigation. On arrival at Seefingan (Shankill Mountain), we opted to Sus and of course we had to have a little chocolate, after all it is Easter Sunday. The Sun was breaking through at this point and we were joined by a couple of other walking groups.
We now set off for our third peak, Corrig and again had to navigate the wet bog between. On arrival we noticed the gorse fire on our final peak, Seechon. John took out his binoculars and could see fire fighters using some kind of paddle to swat the fires leading edge. He could also see flames silhouetting the firefighters so it’s not surprising that we opted to skirt around this final mountains circumference and meet the track down to the road which showed some amazing examples of water erosion with gorges up to 6 foot deep traversing the path.
Once cars were collected it was decided the best option was to head back to Ballinteer House for refreshments and after completing a walk that hadn’t been undertaken in quite a while, it was unanimously decided that it needs to be put back on our more frequent list.