Stats: Weather, A little cloudy with sun breaking through, very windy on top ; distance 13.5 Km, Height gain 824m.

We had 8 out on our annual trip up Lug., the Grand Master Dermot, Hugh, John, Rob & Ken plus a return from our meetup friends Cristine, Blundell and we were joined by a new hiker (and friend of Cristine) Adriana (from Columbia). After gathering at our usual starting point of Ballinteer we quickly got our logistics over with and set off leaving Hughs car at the walks end (the waterfall that flows from the zig zags to the Avonbeg river) for our usual transfer of drivers. Then all walkers transferred to the walks starting point, further up the Avonbeg river at the Barravore car park.

As we set out the weather was very pleasant and we headed up the steep path by the mine buildings and on through the Fraughan Rock Brook where Blundell regaled us with his tales of his South American escapades. As we reached the waterfall at Falls Brook we slowly climbed the approximately 300 meter ascent where we took shelter behind a rock cluster as the winds increased the higher we climbed. We had a leisurely sus and a convivial chat with views to die for.
With our full bellies we set out to summit and the winds picked up a pace. We kept our heads down and at a steady pace made the gradual incline to our goal (Pierce’s Table) and took shelter from the strong winds behind the monument with another large group of walkers. We had our usual toast with a dram of whiskey and shared some sweet treats.
Poor Rob had a raucous night the previous night and had debated the merits of doing the Lug walk but eventually decided that the walk would help to clear the head, unfortunately this was not to be and even a drop of the cure on the top of Lug didn’t help.
We headed off on our decent with Rob holding up the rear, following the track down towards the zigzags just before ‘Jims High Rock’ the track splits and someone took the track to the left which petered out after a short distance and led to a scramble over rough terrain back to our original track, with a bit of banter from John and Blundell as to who led who astray . Following the zigzag track down by the beautiful waterfall and over the avonbeg river to the road and our cars.
On completion we headed back to Ballinteer house for a round up of the days events …